Inky Notebook

Founder / Head of Administration

Megan Youmans a.k.a. Inky Notebook is a 24 year old graduate of Pony Brook University (Stony Brook). She pursued Asian and Asian American Studies with a focus on Japan. The Traveling Museum was as idea discussed between friends as she was setting up an artists spotlight for a brony convention and the idea took flight. When she’s not busy organizing ponies she’s watching anime and checking her email incessantly to make sure that nothing important has come in. She drives the primary vehicle for the Traveling Pony Museum, a Honda Element.

Slick Deals

Lead Vendor / Online Spokesperson

Slick Deals (formerly D-Pad the Brony Inquisitor), also known for his work as Interviewer for The Brony Show, joined the Museum team around June 2012. Since then, he has assisted with online outreach through his show and running the museum sales tables.


Travel / Sales

Skippy pilots the secondary vehicle of the museum and also is working with the museums sales team. He enjoys anything tech related and is Inky Notebook's Honda Element buddy. (Both of them drive Honda Element cars.)





Lightning Strike

Sales / Con PR

Lightning Strike is 21 years old and will be working with sales and convention public relations. Lightning is a rainbow dash super fan and a huge hockey fanatic that also enjoys gaming and writing.

Dust Off

Museum Security

Isaiah Young

Museum Security


Museum Security

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