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The Traveling Pony Museum is a traveling collection of works by talented artists from the ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ fan community. Growing out of a wish to cast a spotlight on underexposed artists, TPM quickly developed from a single planned exhibition at one event into an organization dedicated to appearances at conventions and events around the country. As diverse as the My Little Pony community itself, the museum’s collection includes drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, digital artwork, customized pony dolls, and custom stuffed toys.

Our goal is to be able to bring this wonderful artwork to people – both inside and outside of the My Little Pony fan community – who otherwise might not have a chance to see such things. Artwork that may have been seen only through pictures online can now be seen in real life, bringing enjoyment to viewers and exposure to an ever-growing collection of community artists. Having their work travel and be seen by thousands of people helps bring to light their talent and allows people to find artists who may not have been known about otherwise.

Alongside being deeply involved in the MLP fan community, the Museum prides itself on its charity and outreach activities. Past and present efforts include a raffle which raised money for “Inked! Art for Africa” (with which Maddy Peters, the voice of Scootaloo, is affiliated), as well as an upcoming appearance at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The positive vision of My Little Pony brings joy to many peoples’ lives, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to entertain the hospital’s young patients.

In addition to coordinating for appearances at some of the largest and most prestigious events in the My Little Pony fan community (such as BronyCon and Everfree NW), TPM also works together with well-known community organizations such as Everfree Radio, Bronies for Good and the Humble Brony Bundle.

At present, the museum’s collection (including pledged works) encompasses over 300 pieces by more than 200 artists. A listing of these incredible artists can be found on the Artists page of this website.

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